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Vintage Toy Collection Concierge Service

Our free Vintage Toy Collection Concierge Service exists to make toy wishes come true. It’s simple: tell us your dream toy, game or trading card, and our vintage toy masters will make it their mission to find it for you – at no extra cost!

What’s your dream toy?

That elusive investment piece? The lost childhood favourite you’ve not seen for 30 years? Or the super rare limited edition you’ve only dreamed of finding?

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re ready to help. Drawing on half a century’s collective collecting experience, plus our nationwide network of vintage toy and game traders, our experts will set to work tracking down your special piece.

The best part? For a limited time only, our Vintage Toy Collection Concierge Service is 100% free of charge!

How does it work?

Our Vintage Toy Collection Concierge Service couldn't be simpler.

  1. Drop us a message telling us your dream toy (or toys), including the name and year.
  2. Our vintage toy experts are on it. We’ll get the word out to our network of traders, and start tracking down your toy.
  3. Bingo! Once we’ve located your toy and verified its condition, it’s yours to purchase from us. No strings, no fee, no quibbles. (These are the droids you’re looking for.)

Why use our Vintage Toy Collection Concierge Service?

You want toys. We love hunting toys. It’s a match made in collecting heaven! Here’s just some of the reasons tapping into our Vintage Toy Collection Concierge Service is a no-brainer.

Friends in toy places

From video gamers to Pokémon traders, we’ve got eyes and ears in every subset of the vintage toy community. And when it comes to tracking down toys, we leave no stone unturned.

Experienced toy trappers

We’ve been toy hunting since Indiana Jones was a twinkle in George Lucas’s eye (and we’ve got the collections to prove it)! And just like Indie, we know every trick in the book when it comes to securing rare finds.

No extra cost
(for a limited time!)

Unbelievably, our Vintage Toy Collection Concierge Service is currently 100% free. But hurry – it won’t last forever. Get your request in early doors, and let’s find your toy.

Invest with confidence

Unlike eBay or Facebook purchases, you can be confident you’ll receive your toy exactly as described. No empty ‘like new’ promises. Every toy we sell is thoroughly checked by our experts, for total peace of mind.

Track down LEGO, Star Wars, Marvel and more!

The planet is teeming with collectable toys and games from the world’s greatest brands and franchises: LEGO, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, and (our personal favourite) Star Wars, to name a few. But where are they hiding? It’s the question on every toy enthusiast’s lips – and one we’ve spent almost half a century answering!

If vintage figurines are your bag, then you’ve found your people. Whether you’re after an 80s ET plush or a LEGO Star Wars Cloud City (swoon), our collectable toys and games experts can help track down your ultimate find.

Vintage toy specialists,
at your service

We have lived and breathed collectable toys and games since childhood. Toy hunting is in our blood, and to us, nothing beats the thrill of the catch.

Now, we’ve made it our business (literally) to find your favourites. From a 1986 Green Ghost Slimer, to the super-valuable misprinted Fossil Krabby Pokemon, no toy mountain is too tall for our team.

What can we say? We love a challenge!

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