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Tabletop Games

At Toy Planet, we have a huge range of fun games which can be played at home, on the beach, while travelling-the choice is endless! We stock variations of new and established favourites, from Top Trumps, Uno, Dobble along with, many others!

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Top Trumps Star Wars: Episodes 7-9

Top Trumps Star Wars: Episodes 7-9


Top Trumps Marvel Comics Retro

Top Trumps Marvel Comics Retro


Top Trumps Star Wars: Episodes 1-3

Top Trumps Star Wars Episodes 1 – 3


Dungeons And Dragons – When The Dungeon Master Smiles (T-Shirt)


Dungeons And Dragons – Paladin (T-Shirt)


Dungeons And Dragons – Players Handbook (T-Shirt)


Dungeons And Dragons – Red Dragon (Superheroes Inc. Raglan T-Shirt)


Dungeons And Dragons – Red Dragon Colour Pop (T-Shirt)


Dungeons and Dragons – Original RPG (Superheroes Inc. Acid Wash Sweatshirt)


Dungeons And Dragons – Original RPG (Superheroes Inc. Acid Wash T-Shirt)


Dungeons And Dragons – Oversized Dragon Print (T-Shirt)


Dungeons And Dragons – Guidebooks (T-Shirt)


Feel like you’ve had too much screen time?

As much as we love the video games of yesterday and today, sometimes it’s great to unwind away from a console and screen, and enjoy something a bit more relaxed and social.

That’s why we stock a range of the biggest and most popular tabletop games, including Warhammer and Dungeons & Dragons, and run social events and competitions for them, too. And if you prefer your gaming with counters and dice, we’ve got some great independent board games for you to explore.


More than just passing ‘Go’...

It wasn’t so long ago that board games were still pretty reserved, be it hotels on Mayfair, or Colonel Mustard in the ballroom with the spanner. But in recent years, tabletop games and board games have expanded to the limits of imagination (and even sometimes beyond).

Games like Warhammer bring arts and crafts together with strategy, Dungeons & Dragons delivers immersive fantasy, while independent board games are bringing new formats to life all the time.


Boards, figures, paints, accessories and more

Whatever kinds of tabletop games you like, you can get everything you need at Toy Planet. Our wide range of games will keep you entertained for hours, and we also stock all the accessories you need, including figurines, paints, and scenery for game environments.

Taking the first steps into the tabletop games world? Our friendly team will be happy to give you all the advice you need to buy with confidence.

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Tabletop games with value, in more ways than one

Tabletop games offer hours of fun, but they’re also collector’s items in their own right. As anyone who’s played Warhammer will know, the most sought-after items are highly prized – making them seriously good investments!

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