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Pokémon Merchandise

Charmed by Charmander? Bonkers about Bulbasaur? A sucker for Snorlax? Get Pokémon merchandise across all your favourite characters at Toy Planet.

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POKEMON Characters PopArt Snapback Baseball Cap, Unisex, Multi-colour


POKEMON Block Pikachu Snapback Baseball Cap, Unisex, Black/Yellow


POKEMON Pikachu Plush with Ears Snapback Baseball Cap, Unisex, Yellow/Black


POKEMON Mimikyu Novelty Cap, Yellow


POKEMON Pikachu #025 Novelty Trapper Hat, Yellow


POKEMON Charizard Bi-fold Wallet, Male, Multi-colour


POKEMON Pikachu Striped Tri-colour All-Over Print Bi-fold Wallet, Male, Multi-colour


POKEMON Pika & Pokeball All-Over Print Bi-fold Wallet, Unisex, Blue/Red


POKEMON Pikachu Manga Bi-fold Wallet, Male, Black/Yellow


POKEMON Pikachu All-over Print Children’s Mini Backpack, Yellow/Black


POKEMON Pikachu Shaped Backpack with Ears, Female, Yellow


POKEMON All-over Characters Print Backpack, Unisex, Multi-Colour


Catch ‘em all at Toy Planet

Pokémon has generated some of the most popular and recognisable cartoon and gaming characters of the 21st century, including Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Squirtle and many more.


The enduring appeal of Pokémon around the world, to a wide age range, means that Pokémon merchandise is still in great demand, 25 years since the franchise went global.


Take your pick of Pikachu - and more

Pikachu remains the most popular Pokémon around, so it’s no surprise that the cuddly yellow rodent is the centrepiece of the Pokémon merchandise range at Toy Planet.

These include the classic T-shirt with Pikachu’s red-cheeked face on the front, and the Go Pikachu hoodie that’s great for younger fans. But this is just the beginning: we have plenty more stock covering plenty of other characters, too.



Fun today, collectable tomorrow

Pokémon merchandise – along with toys, action figures and trading cards – have a loyal fan base of millions of people around the world. This is great news if you’re a collector or an investor, as it means that there are plenty of opportunities to sell on items that you no longer need – or even to make some profit.

Our team is happy to help advise on how to develop your collection, so feel free to get in touch.

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Why choose us for Pokémon merchandise?

By fans, for fans

We love a great bit of Pokémon merchandise, and we choose our stock based on the stuff we love (and we hope you love, too!).

VIbrant community

Across Pokémon merchandise, toys and trading cards, we have a large and inclusive community of fans.

Evolving inventory

We’re always getting new items in stock, so it’s worth checking back with us regularly to see if we have the things you want.

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