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The iconic Transformers of the 80s are Toy Planet favourites! Explore our wide range of shape-changing toys from then and now, and perfect your collection.

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HASBRO Transformers Autobots/Decepticons Logo Symbol Bi-fold Wallet, Male, Multi-colour


Transformers (More Than Meets The Eye Design) 11oz Ceramic Coffee Mug


Transformers (Optimus Prime) 11oz Ceramic Coffee Mug


LEGO 10302 Icons Optimus Prime Transformers


Official Transformers Megatron CosCup


Transformers – Decepticons Black On Black (T-Shirt)


Transformers – Soundwave Superior (T-Shirt)


Transformers – Autobots Black On Black (T-Shirt)


Official Transformers 3D Lamp

Official Transformers 3D Lamp


Made in the 80s, still loved today

The sentient robots known as Transformers started as a cartoon and toy in the 1980s, with the first movie released in 1986.


Many Transformers are changeable cars, like Bumblebee – who originally swapped between his sentient self and a Volkswagen Beetle. And one of the most and recognisable characters in the franchise is Optimus Prime, a blue and red Freightliner.


Four decades on, Transformers are still loved by collectors and toy-lovers of all ages.


Iconic toys, then and now

There are still great Transformers being made today, meaning you’re spoilt for choice between the original classics of the 80s, and the modern versions released more recently.


Sunstorm still stands out as a fantastic Transformer (and top addition to any collection), while the more contemporary Bot Shots versions are bringing Transformers to a wider audience, too.

Voyager GE-06 Starscream

Create your Transformers collection

Transformers have been around for so long, and have such a vast range of different figures and characters, that they’re a prime candidate for building a fantastic toy collection.

Whether you want to focus on the classic Transformers, the modern versions or a combination of the two, you can develop a collection that’s unique to you. And with our help, you can find even the rarest and most sought-after of figures.

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