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Pokémon Toys

From replica balls to action figures, we’ve got a wide range of Pokémon toys at Toy Planet that are just as fun to play with as they are to collect.

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POKEMON Characters PopArt Snapback Baseball Cap, Unisex, Multi-colour


POKEMON Block Pikachu Snapback Baseball Cap, Unisex, Black/Yellow


POKEMON Pikachu Plush with Ears Snapback Baseball Cap, Unisex, Yellow/Black


POKEMON Mimikyu Novelty Cap, Yellow


POKEMON Pikachu #025 Novelty Trapper Hat, Yellow


POKEMON Charizard Bi-fold Wallet, Male, Multi-colour


POKEMON Pikachu Striped Tri-colour All-Over Print Bi-fold Wallet, Male, Multi-colour


POKEMON Pika & Pokeball All-Over Print Bi-fold Wallet, Unisex, Blue/Red


POKEMON Pikachu All-over Print Children’s Mini Backpack, Yellow/Black


POKEMON Pikachu Manga Bi-fold Wallet, Male, Black/Yellow


POKEMON Pikachu Shaped Backpack with Ears, Female, Yellow


POKEMON All-over Characters Print Backpack, Unisex, Multi-Colour


The worldwide appeal of Pokémon toys

It’s been around 25 years since Pokémon first became a global phenomenon, and it’s still just as popular today with fans young and old.


Naturally, as a major worldwide franchise, it’s spawned an enormous range of merchandise and collectables – from action figures through to replica Pokéballs, and just about anything else you can think of.


Don’t be a Snorlax - buy with us!

We have a regularly changing set of Pokémon toys available at Toy Planet, but some of our favourites are always in stock. The die-cast replica of the Ultra Ball, for example, will look fantastic on your shelf, bedside table or next to your computer on your desk. And if you love the Pokémon Trading Card Game, then the TCG Battle Academy can bring your card games with friends to life.


Collectables with a global market

One of the great things about collecting Pokémon toys is that the market for them is worldwide – meaning there are buyers and sellers across the globe fuelling strong values for the rarer items. This means that there is potential profit in the right toys if you can build a compelling collection.

Speak to our team for advance on advancing your collection, and on how to acquire rare Pokémon toys for the best possible price.

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Why choose us for Pokémon toys?

Long-standing Pokéfans

We’ve been huge Pokémon fans since it hit the big time in the late 90s, so when you shop with us, you’re in good company.

Constantly evolving stock

New Pokémon toys and action figures come into stock all the time, so check with us regularly to expand your collection.

Help finding sought-after items

Can’t track down that rare item you want? Our nationwide network of contacts can help you find what you’re looking for

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