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Enough toys to fill a (Marvel) universe! Get all the Marvel gear you need, you want, you think you want, and you never knew you needed but now suddenly want, at Toy Planet.

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MARVEL COMICS Logo and Comic Pattern Snapback Baseball Cap, Multi-colour


MARVEL COMICS Venom Mask Glow-in-the Dark Snapback Baseball Cap, Unisex, Black/White


Marvel Loki TVA Lenticular Multiverse Loungefly Backpack


Marvel Thor Loungefly Backpack


Marvel Black Panther Loungefly Backpack


Marvel X-men ’97 Wolverine Loungefly Backpack


Marvel Doctor Strange Loungefly Backpack


Marvel Spider-Man Metal Drinks Bottle


Marvel Studios WandaVision – Sword Logo (T-Shirt)


Marvel X-Men – Classic Logo (Snapback Cap)


Marvel X-Men – Xavier Logo (Snapback Cap)


Marvel Studios Thor: Love And Thunder – Thor Rock (T-Shirt)


Merchandise to Marvel at!

If you love Spiderman, Iron Man and all the other characters in the Marvel Universe, then Toy Planet is the place for you.

We have a wide range of Marvel collectables to offer across many of your favourite characters, with new stock becoming available in-store and online all the time.


Comic stories that stand the test of time

The first-ever Marvel comic was released in 1939 by Timely Comics, to capitalise on rising popularity for comic books in the United States. The beginning, known as the “Golden Age” for Marvel comics, featured many familiar heroes, including Captain America’s first appearance in 1941.

The Marvel Universe came into existence in 1961 when Stan Lee, who later became synonymous with the franchise, was commissioned as a writer for the likes of Spiderman. In more recent years, many of Marvel’s successes have come from toys and highly-grossing movies such as The Avengers movie series, Iron Man and Captain America.


Stan Lee

Build a Marvel collection just for you

The size of the Marvel universe means that you have the perfect opportunity to build a collection that reflects your personality – and your favourite characters.

Across action figures, soft toys, card games, films and much more, there is so much choice that no two collections could possibly be the same! For a good starting point, we recommend the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III figure, and the Marvel Retro Top Trumps game.

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With so much to choose from in the Marvel universe, our inventory is changing all the time. Keep in touch for the latest info.

We’re Marvel fan central!

When you come to Toy Planet, you’re dealing with like-minded Marvel fans, whether it’s our enthusiastic staff or our inclusive community, both in-store and online.

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If you can’t find the merch you’re looking for, then our nationwide network of vintage toy experts can unearth what you want – for a fair price.

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