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The world’s most recognisable toy is a Toy Planet favourite. Shop LEGO franchises with us, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Technic, Friends and more.

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LEGO 76419 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and Grounds


LEGO 10274 Icons Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Car Kit


LEGO 76421 Harry Potter Dobby the House-Elf Set


LEGO 10302 Icons Optimus Prime Transformers


LEGO 75351 Star Wars Princess Leia (Boushh) Helmet Set


LEGO® Harry Potter™ Keychain Light- Ron Weasley


LEGO® Harry Potter™ Keychain Light- Harry Potter™


LEGO® Star Wars™ The Mandalorian™ Keychain Light – Grogu™


LEGO®Star Wars™ The Mandalorian™ Keychain Light – Boba Fett™


LEGO® Star Wars™ The Mandalorian™ Keychain Light – Mando™


LEGO® Harry Potter™ Keychain Light- Hermione Granger


The LEGO Movie® (2 Film Collection) on DVD


Denmark’s greatest export (besides Brigitte Nielsen)

From the tiniest blocks come the biggest adventures you’ll ever have sitting down! LEGO is one of the most popular toys in the world, and it’s easy to see why: you can create masterpieces without the need for any tools or experience, and the classic sets let you explore the limits of your imagination.

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LEGO: catchier than ‘Automatic Binding Bricks’.

That was the original name of the toys that we know today as ‘LEGO’, created by the LEGO Group and its founder Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1949. Today, the brainchild of a Danish carpenter has been recognised as the most powerful brand on the planet.

Whether it’s the classic free-thinking creativity of random blocks, or the jaw-dropping sets associated with TV and movie franchises, LEGO is now everywhere you look. (It’s also on the floor, so watch those bare feet!)

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From the Millennium Falcon to the Hogwarts Express

At Toy Planet, we specialise in some of the most popular modern LEGO franchises and spin-offs that builders and collectors love. This includes Star Wars and Harry Potter, for those of you that want to create your own Death Star or Hogwarts Castle.

But we also stock LEGO Friends as well as LEGO Technic, which are particularly enjoyed by younger collectors and make great gifts. And if we haven’t got what you want in stock, give us a call – we can find it for you!

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Why LEGO is great to play – and to collect

You’ll have noticed that some of the bigger LEGO sets can come with a premium price-tag, and there are two very good reasons why. The first is that they are absolute masterpieces to put together: beautifully designed, challenging to build, and majestic on display. But the second reason is that they tend to hold their value really well on the used market. You may find that you might make a profit down the line if you can keep your set in mint condition.


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