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Rediscover the magic

You’ve just touched down on Toy Planet: the online community for toy lovers, retro gamers, nostalgia-chasers, and hardcore collectors across the UK and beyond.

We’re bona fide toy-geeks who believe the magic of toys should be enjoyed by all, regardless of age, gender or collecting experience. So whatever your story, we welcome you to dip your toes into the enchanting world of vintage collectable toys and games – and let the big kid inside you do the rest.

In a toy shop far, far away...

When founders Tom Popple and Steve Taylor met in 2017, they instantly became friends over their shared love for Star Wars.

Steve had been chasing vintage collectables since he was just 15 years old, racking up 40 years’ toy-truffling experience. 

Tom, a fellow Star Wars collector who had been trading video games for over 15 years.

Together, they set up shop in their hometown and, in the midst of geeky stardust, The Toy Planet was formed.

In October 2023, the founders of the Toy Planet in Wantage, Steve & Tom, parted ways amicably and whilst the shop remains open, it has a new owner. 

Tom retained the Toy Planet digital web presence. Our website was massively upgraded in April 2024 with a much needed, new and improved website, and with an even more exciting range of products.


The Toy Planet today

Born on the back of our flagship store’s success, Toy Planet has evolved into a thriving online hub for toy lovers of all ages.

Our vision is simple: a one-stop-shop for collectable toys and games, where everyone is welcome. A place for like-minded toy fans – new and old – to unleash your inner child, speak with seasoned experts and rediscover beloved favourites.

To us, every toy tells a story. We’ll help tell yours.

Please note: The website is the only way to shop with us now. We are no longer connected to the Wantage shop. Happy Toy Hunting & Collecting 🙂

We do modern. We do vintage. We do you.

From fans favourites like Sonic and Mario, to vintage collectables like LEGO and Star Wars. From modern collectables like Pokémon and Anime, and much more, we’ve got something for all ages, experience and interests.




Meet The Toy Planet Team

Tom Popple

Managing Director

Tom is an avid Star Wars collector, gamer, vintage toy enthusiast and die-hard Oxford United fan. The only thing he loves more than his 100-piece LEGO Star Wars collection? Beating Swindon Town.


Marketing Director

When he’s not working his marketing magic, Al can be found chasing Star Wars classics and Big Bang Theory Pop Vinyls. But nothing beats his first love: the 1973 Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle. What a toy!

Adam Cockerill

Digital Director

Adam was born with a console in his hands. From Guybrush to Goldeneye and Mario to RDR2 – he’s played ’em all. Now a digital marketing master by trade, it seems the hard work paid off!

Holgate Trading Limited, trading as A company registered number 07067005. VAT registration number GB 981678565.

Breaking toy news,
direct to your subspace comm

Breaking toy news,
direct to your subspace comm

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